Life Cycle Assessment / Analysis

Using the established methodology of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) your company can measure the carbon footprint of your suite of products and/or services.
Life Cycle Assessment (also known as Life Cycle Analysis, Ecobalance, and Cradle-to-Grave Analysis) is an accurate technique to determine the volume of carbon dioxide emissions connected to your company’s products and/or services.
LCA involves measuring the volume of carbon emissions during the full life cycle of a product / service. From the initial start point when the requisite raw materials are processed and converted into a product / service — to the final conclusive point in the life cycle — when that product becomes waste.

LCA takes into consideration the total volume of CO2 emitted:
  1. while mining / extraction;
  2. transporting raw materials;
  3. production;
  4. when selling and then;
  5. using the product; and finally;
  6. during the waste management process.

In the cyclical course of a LCA it is also possible to measure, not only total emissions, but also emissions during certain specific production phases; that the manufacturer is responsible for (for example, throughout the specific phases comprised in the operation of sourcing raw materials: to the point of placing the product on the market shelf).

Life Cycle Assessment / Analysis is highly recommended if your company

wants to assess and reduce energy and raw material consumption for both its products and services;
intends to take advantage of Environmental Awareness because you view it as conferring a competitive edge;
searches for strategic business solutions that distinguish its product range from other competing products;
wishes to attract green shoppers (who are loyal, have more money to spend and who have been growing in number);
you now appreciate how commercially significant the ZeroCO2 trademark is; and
would like to exploit the business potential in Carbon Neutrality.

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