Measuring and Analysing Company Carbon Footprints

Carbon footprint measurement and analysis: is the effective optimisation of your company's energy consumption requirements, and as a consequence will reduce your costs.
A reliable and accurate Carbon Footprint Assessment (CFA) is the important first step — to implement an effective corporate carbon strategy and optimise business energy consumption levels. Based on the data collated and analysed, your company can prepare a report, that includes detailed information in a succinct format.

Your company would be benefit from a CFA if it requires to

take the critical first step towards optimising energy and raw material consumption levels;
discover and remediate critical points where energy is being wasted;
to keep energy costs under control (with ever-increasing energy prices this makes good business sense);
gain a positive Public Relations and strategic marketing impact on how customers perceive your company and your brand;
recognise the extent of the negative impact your business may have on the Environment; and
take the necessary steps to remediate this negative impact and to obtain a CSG ZeroCO2 Certificate for your company.

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Currently, CSG provide free online business CFAs for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).
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