Enhanced CSR Strategies

CSG offer clients Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solutions that focus on Sustainable Development and a clean green future.
Today, CSR plays a key role in how people perceive a company. The way a company communicates its Environmental Policy and responsibilities is important, not only because it sets an example for others to follow, but also because it has a measurable financial interest. CSG offer our clients CSR solutions that focus on Sustainable Development and a clean green future.

Carbon Neutrality – just one step away from your dream corporate image

Following in the footsteps of international companies and global brands with powerful marketing strategies, for example, McLaren Mercedes, Marks & Spencer, IKEA and the SZIGET Hungarian Festival, to name but a few — now your company too can also become completely carbon neutral.

Carbon Neutrality Benefits

Your company can join a pioneering CSR initiative and potentially be the first company in your industrial sector to achieve Carbon Neutrality.
Carbon Neutrality distinguishes you from the competition. It is no coincidence that leading brands have already taken this path.
You can be one step ahead of your competitors.
Carbon Neutrality is the mainstream trend in the Western business world today, and soon we hope in the East. It creates greater brand loyalty; enhanced customer loyalty and potentially a new customer base.

CSR Business Support Services

CSG offers professional, tailored business support services to run your company’s Environmental & Sustainability CSR Programme; this allows your business to take full advantage of the CSR Programme’s suite of benefits (while only minimal time and effort need be invested by your company).
CSG compiles a unique, fully customised carbon credit management system and Green Project Portfolio — that best fits your business activities.
Your CSR Communications are made so much easier — as your Carbon Neutrality is independently certified, so your corporate credibility is rock solid.
This is the first Environmental & Sustainability CSR Programme where your company’s project funding initiatives are fully traceable and independently certified by Bureau Veritas.

Education for a Better Future: CSG Staff Training Benefits

By joining the CSG Professional Education Programme your staff will have an opportunity to participate in creating a green workplace and a more Sustainable world.


As a result of changing behavioural patterns among staff alone, your company can achieve a 3–5% energy saving.
A Green-oriented work environment will have a proven positive impact on staff performance.
Taking responsibility for the Environment will strengthen the loyalty of your employees, which in turn will enhance your company's reputation.
The social importance of educating your staff about Environmental Awareness can not be overstressed: those who care about their work environment are also likely to pay attention to their immediate surroundings in their private lives and also to raise their children in that same spirit.
Your company can be the first, among your competitors, that will give your staff and the Environment that extra care.

CSG Training Programme

Interesting and easy-to-learn materials so your staff colleagues can complete their training with a sense of achievement.
Informative and professional lectures so that your staff will consider "Environmental & Sustainability Business Matters" training sessions enjoyable.
Flexible with regard to location and scheduling: if you require onsite training CSG are equipped to provide this training venue option.
An excellent and valuable programme that is well-suited to multi-day Team-building Training.