Brand Endorsement – ZeroCO2 & LowCO2

Environmentally-conscious companies deserve to be treated with distinction.
Carbon Neutrality is not only a good business decision; it is an opportunity to enthusiastically embrace.


CSG Trademarks have been designed to assist our clients communicate their message of Carbon Neutrality or low carbon emissions operations that they have adopted to target groups.

The LowCO2 Trademark can be licensed for use by companies that have recognised the importance of Sustainable Development and have introduced and implemented low carbon emissions operations in their business.

We have also designed the ZeroCO2 Certificate to identify and distinguish companies that have accomplished a fully carbon-neutral form of business operation as authenticated and certified by CSG, namely reduction of company carbon emissions to zero or a complete offset of company carbon emissions.

CSG Trademarks are very effective eye-catching communication tools because the messages are conveyed by simple symbols that are easily understood and remembered. These trademarks are also easy to recognize when people see them again. Their power of communication comes from the fact that they appeal to green consumers in every market segment. ZeroCO2 and LowCO2 Trademarks will not only deepen the commitment of your existing customer base; but also offer a way to attract new customers that you have not been able to reach with your products or services previously. Your well-targeted use of the ZeroCO2 and LowCO2 Trademarks will be a cornerstone of your Successful Carbon Communications strategic plan.

If you want to find out how to become licensed to use the ZeroCO2 or LowCO2 trademarks in your company or on your products, feel free to contact us !

Secrets of a Successful Carbon Communications Programme

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free communication channels which are always available to your company;
advice on how to get your staff to volunteer to become a "walking advertisement" for your company;
advice on how to get the Media very interested in your company: easily, by communicating the fact that you are a carbon neutral company; and
how to turn Carbon Neutrality to your advantage in your business communications.

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