Green Marketing

Achieve real business success through Carbon Neutrality. Launch a Carbon Communications Programme, benefit from enhanced CSR and PR, and protect the Environment.
Environmentally-conscious business operations — coupled with effective PR & Communications strategies — represent real commercial value for a business.
To complement our professional carbon management services CSG aim to support clients by also providing them with a tailored, strategic Carbon Communications Programme so that they can succeed in their business, in tandem with their efforts to conserve the Environment.

Benefits of the CSG Carbon Communications Programme

Environmental Awareness elevates your company above the market noise, distinguishing your company from your competitors.
Promotes the good reputation of your brand and your company.
Increases customer loyalty, which in turn results in brand loyalty and helps you enter new markets.
Deepens the loyalty of existing business partners and creates new business opportunities.
Increases staff loyalty and makes your company more attractive for prospective employees.
Maintains good relationships with your existing Media contacts and also provides opportunities to further extend your Media contacts.

Secrets of a Successful Carbon Communications Programme

Request your free copy of the CSG 4-part course manual — Secrets of Successful Carbon Communications

free communication channels which are always available to your company;
advice on how to get your staff to volunteer to become a "walking advertisement" for your company;
advice on how to get the Media very interested in your company: easily, by communicating the fact that you are a carbon neutral company; and
how to turn Carbon Neutrality to your advantage in your business communications.

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