Carbon Management Strategy

Carbon Management means examining and focussing on business areas where cost-reduction can be achieved through minimising: energy use; raw material consumption; and waste generation.
For a company with a committed, long-term business strategy; carbon management is a high priority. Effective carbon management involves a wide range of activities: from measuring the carbon emissions impact of all business activities; to establishing the business’carbon footprint; to identifying and implementing a reductions strategy; and subsequently communicating final acheivements to key stakeholders.
Establishing the carbon footprint for your business, enables you to view the costs of your business in terms of carbon costs. This serves to help identify key areas of the business where carbon impact can be reduced, thus leading to a reduction in costs. Since the carbon footprint of your business is expressed in a common unit tCO2e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) it is easy to compare different time periods and measure the effectiveness of action plans implemented. Therefore a company can develop its carbon strategy and sustainable business model, as well as, its corporate culture.

During the carbon management process, CSG first uncovers and analyses critical points in energy and raw material consumption.
Understanding these critical points equips us with the knowledge required to propose reorganisation and optimisation measures that your company can implement.
If required CSG can also provide client consultation services in order to assist further in optimizing a company’s operations — through upgrading the technologies already in use within the business.

Why choose CSG?

We have a professional team with considerable expertise, an extensive international network of partners and an effective, streamlined IT software background — this enables CSG to provide its clients with high-quality online services.
We treat every client as a preferred customer: we always provide fully customised services that meet client requirements, at an affordable service charge.
CSG are a reliable business partner, specialising in the outsourced management of your company’s carbon management activities. We are always there to support your company through the whole process — from measuring your carbon footprint through to the formulation of a carbon reduction management strategy and its operational implementation.
We can prepare an excellent company portfolio to offset your company’s carbon footprint.
CSG’s clients can gain a competitive edge — due to CSG’s unique PR & Communications Services — based on effective carbon management strategy.
As a CSG client, your company can save significant time, energy and money — so you can dedicate all existing resources to your company’s main business activities.