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Tranvic Group CDQ Energy Efficiency Project


The CDQ Project in Tranvic Group (hereafter referred to as the project) is sited within the production area of Tranvic Group, Lianjie town, Weiyuan county, Neijiang city, Sichuan province, P.R. of China, owned by Neijiang Bowei Xinyu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., the daughter company of Tranvic Group. 

Project description

The purpose of the project is to install one set of 170t/h CDQ system with a capacity of 30MW steam turbine/generator unit to recover the waste heat released into the atmosphere in the absence of the project activity to generate electricity for captive use, and annual net electricity supply amounts to 209,088MWh.

Social impacts

The project will not only use the waste heat to generate clean electricity for captive use, but also contribute to sustainable development of the local community and the host country by means of: 

  • effectively reducing the pollutants emission in coking production.
  • helping to stimulate the development of technology of resources comprehensive utilization in coking industry in China; 
  • providing local long-term work positions, which improve the living standards of local residents. 

Environmental impact


The main pollutant in the waste gas is dust. A set of dust removal facility will be installed to reduce the dust emission. Its dust removal efficiency is more than 99.9%. Waste gas emission of the Project meets the requirement of standard II of Emission Standard of Air Pollutants, which is much higher the baseline scenario. Dust collected by the will be regularly transported out by trucks for comprehensive utilization.

Waste water

There is almost no pollutant in direct cooling water of equipment, which, cooled by the cooling tower, will enter into the cistern, and then the water will be re-cycle after further treatment through the ion electrostatic water processor; a small amount of collected water discharged will be discharged into the coke powder sedimentation tank as dust removal water. The household waste water will be discharged into the existing sewer for further treatment. Compared with CWQ system, the project reduces the discharge of waste water to a large extent.


Equipments with small power and low noise shall be elected at the premise of process design satisfaction. Topography, sound source directivity, noise size between workshops as well as greening, etc. will be considered to make reasonable layout and play the function of reducing noise. With the help of the above measures, the noise value at the boundary meets the requirements of standard III of Standard of noise at boundary of industrial enterprises, i.e. less than 65dB (A) at day and less than 55dB (A) at night. 

Solid waste

Dust collected by the will be regularly transported out by trucks for comprehensive utilization. The household garbage will be regularly cleared out by sanitary department.

Standard Gold Standard
Planned annual CO2 reduction 153 428
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