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Tranvic Group CDQ Energy Efficiency Project

The CDQ Project in Tranvic Group is sited within the production area of Tranvic Group, Lianjie town, Weiyuan county, Neijiang city, Sichuan province, P.R. of China, owned by Neijiang Bowei Xinyu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., the daughter company of Tranvic Group. The purpose of the project is to install one set of...

Topolog Wind Power Project, Romania

Topolog Wind Power Project is located in Romania and it is developed by E.K.W.ENERGY.S.R.L. The purpose of the project is to generate electricity through using wind resources and fed it into the Romanian National Grid.

Thera II Wind Power Project, Hungary

Thera II Wind Power Project in Hungary (the Project Activity) is developed by Kavicsbánya Energia Ltd. (the Project Owner) in Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár. The purpose of the Project Activity is to generate electricity through using wind resources.

Fénykör Solar Power Project, Hungary

The Fénykör (in English: Circle of Light) Solar Power Project connects solar PV systems already installed or under development on more than 100 sites in dozens of settlements in Hungary. In the first phase, the plan is to install a decentralised power generation system with a total capacity of 6.5 MWp, which is...