Carbon financing

Carbon Financing Services and the development of carbon emission reduction projects

CSG’s carbon financing services provide environmental projects with a stable revenue stream, with low levels of financial investment.
Unique on the market CSG Carbon Financing Services (CFS) offer a one-stop business solution: from expert assessment to final sales. CSG activities range from managing credit issuance and registration; through full administration; to selling carbon credits originating from particular projects on international markets. Our experts issue credits by following existing methodologies, or by innovating new techniques, in close co-operation with the best-known and most widely recognised international certification agencies. CSG’s CFS provide: a stable revenue stream, with low levels of financial investment for your company’s carbon emissions prevention or reduction project (regardless of geographical location or project type).

Customized Project Management

CSG’s portfolio of services includes project management which we recommend to clients with long-term business strategies for Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) matters — to assist in developing their own carbon minimisation / reduction project. CSG’s experts free you from the time-consuming burden of developing and implementing the carbon minimisation / reduction project. Consequently, your business can therefore offset its carbon footprint using credits originating from its own Green Project (by outsourcing these legal / business compliance activities your company can focus its energies and human resources on investing in its main core business activities).

Alternative Financing for Project Developers

CSG welcomes Green Energy investors who search for long-term alternative financing for their projects.

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