The fact that you are carbon neutral demonstrates that you do care and take responsibility for the Environment: this, in turn, increases customer loyalty.
CSG offers professional and personalised Carbon Offsetting Services (COS). CSG has an extensive global portfolio of Certified Green Projects to help you with your company’s efforts to achieve enhanced Sustainability and to strategically offset your business’ carbon emissions. Supporting CSG’s Certified Green Projects that will offset your business’ carbon emissions enhances your company’s public profile by promoting the following benefits:
  • Taking an important first, simple step towards achieving Carbon Neutrality and sustainable business operations.
  • Buying carbon credits enables you to support a Green Project to equitably offset your company’s carbon emissions.
  • Support for Green Projects is essential; as these projects could not be successfully realised without the financial support gained from global carbon offsetting initiatives.
  • You will demonstrate your responsible attitude towards the Environment this will notably increase the loyalty of your clients, partners and employees.

Why CSG?

Transparent Carbon Offsetting System

Unique to the global market, we have a CSG Internal Carbon Offsetting System (COS) Registry that enables you to monitor the status in real-time of your bespoke funding for the Green Project that you have selected. Your clients can also view your COS Green Projects online — via public relations links from your company’s website.
Using the CSG Internal COS Registry you can monitor each carbon credit (using a unique serial number) including who used them, when and for what purpose. The CSG Internal Registry also allows you to view data input into the Official International Registries used for carbon credits management.

View our internal registry here !

COS Certification & Bureau Veritas

The CSG carbon offsetting system is the first in the world to have been certified by the independent accreditation agency Bureau Veritas (the world leader in testing, inspecting and certification services).
This accredited CSG COS Certification means your business has the opportunity to use the most secure and traceable carbon footprint calculation and carbon offsetting global services currently available.

View the CSG COS Certification here !