Opel event “Where Legends Meet” becomes ZeroCO2 carbon neutral!


Opel event “Where Legends Meet” becomes ZeroCO2 carbon neutral!
“Where Legends Meet” is one of Opel's largest and most popular event worldwide. As in previous years, tens of thousands of visitors attended it on May 16 in Hungaroring.
Every year, the organisers offer special programs, but this year the standard of the anniversary event was outstanding due to its being carbon neutral! With that, Opel's “Where Legends Meet” obtained ZeroCO2 certification, which represents the highest level of responsibility for the environment!

Currently, carbon offsetting is the best-known and most efficient form of supporting environmental protection. Today, not only small, medium and large businesses can offset their total negative environmental impact in this manner, but the same can be done for a product, service or an event, too. More and more companies decide to choose us to help them with their carbon offsetting. So we measured and offset Opel's carbon footprint! Through this scheme, Opel supports international green projects which have a very positive impact on the environment. Of course, in addition to those projects, Opel also supports a local one – the Nyíregyháza-Oros landfill gas collection project.

However, the ZeroCO2 climate protection program has much more to offer than carbon offsetting! Indeed, if a business has obtained this certification, trees are planted on its behalf, which will reflect the company's environmentally conscious and responsible attitude for several decades. Under the ZeroCO2 program, beyond carbon offsetting, fifty Oxytrees were planted on behalf of Opel Hungary. The Oxytree is a tree species with unique features. It grows extremely rapidly, and thanks to its huge leaves, it binds a lot of carbon dioxide and produces lots of oxygen!

To learn more about the Oxytree, visit our website at www.oxytree.com.

For more details about the ZeroCO2 program, visit www.zeroco2.cc.