“NEW REVIEW” Weekly Makes First Move in European Newspaper Market


There exists no profession, industry or company we cannot handle when it comes to carbon offsetting. Carbon footprint can be calculated for any activity. Having complete plans, we are ready to reduce anyone's carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, we offer high-quality certified voluntary carbon credits, generated by green projects, for our clients to buy in order to offset their remaining emissions. A good example of how we can help those who reach for it is a national Chinese-language color weekly paper published in Hungary, which is 40 pages, 29 × 41cm in size, and has a circulation of 3,000. This is the most important press organ for the Chinese community living in Hungary.

New Review” is the very first European Chinese-language weekly gone carbon neutral

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, the Asian owner of the publishing company has transformed theory into action. So, we were entrusted with the task of neutralizing his weekly paper with the aim to add real value in the process, so that at the end the paper could communicate to the readers this message: “New Review” is the first carbon-neutral weekly in Hungary and the first carbon-neutral Chinese paper in Europe! And with our help, this status has now been awarded to “New Review” for the period of one year.

The first step of our carbon management services is to measure. Here, the so-called Screening LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method was used. Based on the data found in international databases, the carbon footprint of a newspaper is approximately 333g CO2e each. When calculating the carbon footprint of the weekly paper, the following factors were taken into account: the raw material and energy consumption necessary for manufacturing the paper that the weekly is printed on, activities related to printing and delivery as well as waste management. The paper has a circulation of 3,000 copies per week, which means annual emissions are approximately 52 tonnes of CO2e.

How emissions were offset

Retiring carbon credits is the most effective way to neutralize GHG emissions. Our company offers its customers carbon credits having the highest qualification, and complying to international standards. These credits come from various renewable energy projects operating in several locations of the world. We deliberately chose Chinese green investment projects to neutralize emissions of “New Review” and we finally proposed that the weekly paper should buy carbon credits generated by Hebei Yuxian Second Phase 49.5 MW Wind Power Project. That's how readers are going to consider the message in the weekly paper and the Carbon Solutions trademark appearing on its cover as something really credible. Also, that's how customer and subscriber brand loyalty can be increased through building confidence.

More information: http://www.xindb.com/html/benbaozhuangao/2012/0822/7392.html