International Movement to Protect the Environment Launches in Hungary


A new environment protection movement has been launched in Hungary to spread the word and expand internationally. The initiative has two main goals as environmentally conscious lifestyles and behavior not only contribute to the preservation of our environment and natural resources but they also pay off, both for individuals and businesses.
The ZeroCO2 movement shows people how to take small steps that contribute to protecting the environment while also reducing expenses and improving the quality of their life in many ways. One of the key concepts promoted by the movement is the idea of “carbon footprint.”

What does the term carbon footprint mean?
The term “carbon footprint” can be defined as the cumulative effect of various (everyday, business, personal or community) human activities on the environment, or the extent to which we, people, have an impact on the condition of our planet in the course of our private and business lives. A private individual’s carbon footprint can be said to be the total amount of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) emitted through their routine daily activities, whereas in the case of businesses it means the total amount of GHGs emitted through their business activities. A carbon footprint can also be calculated for individual products, and even for various events.

Each of us have greenhouse gas emissions associated with our daily activities, and thus a carbon footprint. The problem is sometimes clearly visible – a chimney billowing out smoke, exhaust fumes from a car, taxi, bus or plane, even the chimney of the hotel we use for a holiday stay is puffing out green house gases, plus unfortunately, garbage is also a daily product of living our life. Sometimes, however, emissions are “invisible” but you can rest assured that mobile phones, computers, the treadmill at the gym and even a toaster, use energy for their operation and all that adds up to one’s private carbon footprint. The real power of the ZeroCO2 movement lies in the fact that besides calling attention to the importance of protecting the environment, it also offers specific solutions and alternatives. For individuals, it provides tips and advice they can immediately adopt and implement in their daily lives to allow them to experience that living an environmentally responsible lifestyle is not about giving up on everyday conveniences! To the contrary; it is an opportunity to live a life full of pleasure, to save money, to be more healthy and last but not least to preserve the environment.

When visiting the official website of the ZeroCO2 movement at, you can calculate the size of your own carbon footprint, read specific tips and advice on how to reduce it and even save money in the process of so doing. This is quite logical; if you reduce your energy consumption, your electricity and gas bills will be lower, too.

“The effects of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) which cause climate change can be considered to be the biggest mistake ever made by market players. Just think it over; while plants make great efforts to best meet the needs of customers, through production and manufacturing processes a huge amount of harmful substances are emitted into the atmosphere, destroying their own environment and that of their customers as well, at an ever-increasing pace. If this distorted market structure is left unchecked, if we do not correct the elements which can still be corrected, these processes will damage our resources, social and ecological systems to an extent where the cost of recovery can consume up to 20 percent of global GDP”, said Mr. Csaba Fogarassy, PhD, Carbon Professor at Szent Istvan University in Hungary.

“In one of the world’s richest countries, in one of its most developed cities, Tokyo, people cannot walk in the streets without wearing a respirator mask. In fact, people living in Tokyo today cannot believe that in any other part of the world passers-by can freely move without one. Society can respond to these challenges using various strategies. We must educate the public about the consequences of pollution; we must live our life in a way which is more environmentally responsible; we need to use energy more efficiently; and we need to measure and compensate for the impact we have on the environment. The ZeroCO2 movement can become the flagship to lead the way”, the Professor stated.

A function called the ZeroCO2 Company Search Engine is also available on the movement’s website, which can effectively help you adopt new consumer habits in the spirit of environmental awareness. Its database contains only companies which have assessed and offset their emissions, keeping sustainable development in mind.

The search engine allows you to quickly and easily find environmentally conscious companies in your area (even by using an optional keyword). The ZeroCO2 Company Search Engine is a groundbreaking initiative because it is capable of generating clear evidence about how important environmental awareness is to consumers, which can be a major driving force for companies to consider their transition to sustainable development.

How to offset your emissions?
Both individuals and businesses can offset their own emissions by supporting “Green” or renewable energy projects (wind, water and solar power plants, fuel replacement, reforestation and landfill gas projects, etc.) in proportion to the amount of their emissions. Renewable energy projects can produce energy in a way that does not involve emissions. The number of tonnes of emissions a green project can prevent, or compensate for, equals the number of carbon credits (verified by international certification bodies) it can generate and then allowed to sell. Individuals or businesses can in turn purchase carbon credits in proportion to their emissions, thus supporting the renewable energy project that generated those carbon credits.

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