CSG Standard is now available on the Romanian carbon market too


CSG Standard is now available on the Romanian carbon market too

The first Romanian CSG Standard project, the Topolog Wind Power Project has just started issuing and selling carbon certificates on the voluntary market. This is a crucial step as it is the first CSG Standard project outside Hungary.

CSG Standard is a unique standard of Carbon Solutions Global Ltd. The main difference between CSG Standard and other standards is the opportunity to support local initiatives. With the help of CSG Standard, more climate protection activities and projects can materialize in Europe. It is crucial for both environmental protection and sustainability, and also beneficial to the economy.

Topolog Wind Power Project

The project is developed by E.K.W.ENERGY.S.R.L and its aim is to generate electricity by using wind resources and feeding it into the Romanian National Grid. Another purpose is to bring awareness to green energy and sustainability in the country. The wind power plant has an installed power of 6 MW and generates annually an average number of 594 carbon credits. As the project will be developed for a period of 10 years, it is estimated that it will produce a total number of 6000 carbon credits. At least 70 percent of the revenue from credits will support activities such as raising awareness of climate change by promoting wind turbine and renewable resources, supporting communities and energy efficiency programmes or the reforestation of areas affected by climate change in Romania.

The aim of the Topolog Wind Power Project is to:

- produce clean energy,

- raise awareness to sustainable development and reduce the exploitation of fossil fuels,

- promote local economic development by creating local employment opportunities,

- contribute to reaching the Romanian target for energy production from renewable sources,

- generate clean energy instead of operating fossil fuel thermal power plants, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

During operation and power generation, wind turbines do not produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, mercury, radioactive waste or any other type of air pollution. The Topolog Wind Power Project is in compliance with all national and local environmental initiatives and also supports the objectives from Local Agenda 21 – sustainable development plan of Tulcea County.

Having an operative, affordable and financially stable national energy production matrix is essential for the economic development in any country. Taking rewarding and conscious steps, our clients can support local economy and sustainability and also reduce their carbon footprint.

Further details of the project

Name: Topolog Wind Power Project


Standardizer: S.C. CEPROCIM S.A.

Start date: 2011

Installed power: 6 MW