CSG is now a collaborating partner of The Gold Standard Foundation


CSG is now a collaborating partner of The Gold Standard Foundation
Even if you are not very familiar with the international carbon market, “The Gold Standard” is a name that must sound familiar to you anyway. The Gold Standard is one of the world's best-known and most dominant carbon credit certification organizations. Thanks to its rigorous and comprehensive set of criteria, the carbon credits certified by The Gold Standard are regarded as representing the highest quality in the world. The Gold Standard was established by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature) in an effort to help implement measures which aim to curb climate change.

This year, The Gold Standard Foundation decided to chose Carbon Solutions Global Ltd., our company which is less than one year old, as its cooperating partner to assess and offset its annual carbon footprint. The expert assessment carried out by our company covered the total carbon emissions resulting from the operation of The Gold Standard during the year 2012, with regard to the areas defined in the GHG protocol as Scope 2 and Scope 3*.

The Gold Standard publicly thanked us for our professional cooperation in its current newsletter while describing Carbon Solutions Global Ltd. as one of the world's most innovative players in carbon market on its official website

* Scope 2 includes greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the indirect use of energy (e.g. electricity, district heating), whereas Scope 3 includes indirect emission points such as transport, waste generation as well as commuting and business-related traveling (e.g. employees using air and other means of mass transportation) and, related to the previous item, accommodation, website management, event management and fuel consumption of various means of transport owned by employees, which are not part of a car fleet owned by a company.