CSG Is There to Help


CSG Is There to Help
The Danube flood had not subsided yet when we already knew and felt it was our duty to help those in need. Some important pillars of Carbon Solutions Global Ltd.’s mission and corporate culture are to make our environment more livable, consideration for others and cooperation with like-minded groups. And, we are not just talking about it, we are doing something about it.

As soon as the idea was born, our staff set about collecting donations to support the disaster relief efforts. Then we carried everything we had collected to the Budapest Office of the Hungarian Red Cross. We felt honored that Director Ms. Ilidko Buncsik personally met with CSG representative Mr. Attila Nagyfejeő to accept nonperishable foods as well as cleaning tools on behalf of the organization that can be helpful to families that were flood victims. We know that our donations will be sent to where they are most needed, and we are proud to have partnered with the Red Cross.

We are delighted that we were given an opportunity to help others!