CSG Signs Contract with Shenzhen


CSG Signs Contract with Shenzhen

CSG Management signed a contract with the Low-Carbon Technology Council of Shenzhen, China

In early November 2012, CSG Management flew to Shenzhen, China where negotiations about carbon management services to be provided by CSG were successfully concluded with the Low-Carbon Technology Council of Shenzhen. Carbon Solutions Global Ltd. was represented by Mr. Qu Lei, Owner of CSG, Mr. Peter Gaspar, CEO of the company and Mr. Csaba Fogarassy PhD, who is the Leading Climate Expert at CSG.

Shenzhen City is one of the hubs of foreign investment in China. As a result, since the 1970s it has been one of the world's fastest growing cities as well as the busiest port in China. This rapid development, however, has been causing huge amounts of emissions. What is more, the rate of pollution is still on the rise.

The Low-Carbon Technology Council of Shenzhen was established by the local government of Shenzhen to deal with all issues having to do with emissions, and to initiate and implement low-carbon building development as well as traffic and waste management projects. Furthermore, among the objectives of the Council was to involve an internationally recognized partner with a professional background that could support their activities in planning and executing these projects. After a lengthy selection process, the city decided to work with Carbon Solutions Global Ltd.

Under the agreement, CSG will also provide special education courses for citizens, including government employees, which aim to teach them how they can adopt certain eco-conscious routines in their lifestyles which will significantly contribute to making Shenzhen a shining example of a smoothly operating, low-carbon city in a short period of time.