Carbon Solutions Global Ltd. becomes CBEEX's professional cooperation partner


CSG is the first European company to be given an opportunity to actively contribute to the implementation of China's environmental protection efforts.

CBEEX has decided to involve foreign experts to leverage their relevant knowledge and experience accumulated in Europe, in launching an emissions trading system in Beijing. Of the many renowned European companies active in the carbon market, CSG has been chosen for two reasons: One is the high standard of expertise that our network of professionals represents. The second is our Chinese ownership background, which has bridged the cultural and communications gap that has proven to be insurmountable for most European businesses to date.

According to the framework agreement signed in Beijing, CSG will contribute to Beijing's environmental efforts in three main areas:

Consulting services, through which we will contribute to launching and developing the CBEEX trading system using the knowledge and experience accumulated in relation to the EU ETS;

General education and introducing carbon management systems, through which we will support the sustainability efforts of Beijing corporations which are required by law to participate in the ETS; and

Technology and knowledge transfer, through which we will make sure that environmental innovations from Europe are implemented in China, helping to meet its emissions reductions targets.

During our negotiations, we discussed the potential for solving difficulties faced in the CDM market and the opportunity to use available methodologies to convert accumulated CER credits into Chinese CERs (CCERs) and the mechanisms that could allow these projects to be integrated into local ETS systems.

“It is no secret that during our conversations with Mr. Dewen it was very clear, that the primary concern for China is to maintain economic growth whilst remaining competitive,” says Mr. Csaba Fogarassy, PhD, CSG's leading expert. “Consequently, the fundamental goal of the initial pilot ETS' is to set up a regulatory framework and a mechanism for growth as a priority whilst at the same time enabling China to achieve its ambitious target of 40% emissions reductions. CBEEX - the Chinese capital's emissions trading exchange will play an important role in setting up the system and is very open to studying the concept we have proposed,” Mr. Fogarassy has concluded.

The Beijing talks were attended by CBEEX Managing Director Mr. Mei Dewen, Mr. Csaba Fogarassy as well as leading CSG expert, Mr. Peter Gaspar CEO CSG and Mr. Qu Lei, owner of the CSG Group.