Carbon Solutions Global joins the Climate Neutral Now initiative


Carbon Solutions Global joins the Climate Neutral Now initiative

Carbon Solutions Global is Hungary’s first carbon management consultancy company who joined the UN Climate Neutral Now initiative to further support global climate action.

Climate Neutral Now stands by the Paris Agreement, which highlights the importance of taking action in order to keep global warming below 2 °C. As the company’s main focus is climate protection, Carbon Solutions Global is aware of the importance and urgency of contributing voluntarily as well.

The initiative’s mission is completely in accordance with the goals of Carbon Solutions Global as it is in parallel with our professional services provided to our customers. Climate Neutral Now advocates action through measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and offsetting the unavoidable remaining to reach carbon neutrality. By supporting the initiative, we wish to contribute as a partner who helps companies take responsibility for their carbon footprint.

Carbon Solutions Global is strongly committed to help its customerswith their efforts to achieve sustainability and to strategically offset their business’ carbon emissionstherefore it has created its own standard which uniquely focuses on local offsetting projects. Owing to this added value, carbon credits released from the projects under CSG Standard contribute to reach the national environmental goals and support renewable energy utilization in the country. There are two projects already operating under this standard in Hungary, and we hope that our efforts in environmental protection will pay off both in local and global scales.