A new milestone in the history of the voluntary carbon market!


A  new milestone in the history of the voluntary carbon market!

The world’s first verified online carbon footprint calculator is now available for SMEs, bringing both security and credibility to the voluntary carbon market

This is the first time that the internationally acclaimed verification body, Bureau Veritas has issued a certification for an online carbon footprint calculator and the complete carbon offsetting and retirement process. The title was awarded to Carbon Solutions Global’s independently developed  business calculator, based on the application of authentic datasources behind calculations, the transparent and secure processes with respect to offsetting and the retirement of carbon credits.  

The appearance of the very first certified online carbon calculator is a milestone in the history of the voluntary carbon market, as, from now on business clients can have access to offsetting their carbon footprint in a safe, secure manner as well as to the complete audit trail.

The calculator is free to use on the site of Carbon Solutions GLobal

Certified calculation

During the certification process Bureau Veritas has ascertained that the algorythm behind calculations and the data used by the business calculator comply with internationally acknowledged standards hence the calculation process is reliabe and credible.  

Maximum safety in the offsetting process

The Verification Statement issued by Bureau Veritas also states that the carbon credits offered by Carbon Solutions Global Ltd. for offsetting green house gas emissions are compliant with internationally recognised standards (e.g.: Gold Standard or the Voluntary Carbon Standard).

What is unrivalled is the fact that the CSG offsetting process istransparent, auditable and verifiable in ensuring that the carbon credits are withdrawn from trade ("retired") subsequent to their sale to a Client.

Based on Bureau Veritas’ certification the CSG online carbon calculator can deservedly be named as the world’s safest calculator, it is also praised for its user-friendly operation among experts and non-experts.

By using the calculator anyone can quickly assess and offset the carbon footprint of their business operations and receive unmatched communications and business support from CSG.