Marks & Spencer launches world's “most sustainable suit”

With head office in London, Marks & Spencer's leaders claim they are the world's first carbon neutral international retail network. Since 2007, the company has managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of its dealers by 22% while producing affluence and economic growth in the same period. Because its five-year green energy and biodiesel program could not be implemented as originally planned, M&S purchased a high quality carbon credit portfolio to offset its total emissions for said period. By retiring the carbon credits in the portfolio, the clothing retailer succeeded in neutralizing all of its activities. Moreover, through the purchase it supported sustainable development projects, too.

In the spirit of responsibility, the illustrious English brand places great emphasis on communication to the general public. Accompanied by an agressive PR campaign, they launched “The World's Most Sustainable Suit.” It is made from organic wool which is fully traceable back to the farms from where it is produced. In addition, all of the chemicals used in the production of the wool fibre are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) approved. The lining, the canvas, the buttons, the zips and even the labels inside the suit have been made from recycled materials. So far, only 500 such suits are available to customers but as the price tag is close to $550, it is unlikely to ever become a mass product. For the time being, the exclusive garment is only for the select few.