Facebook Reveals its Carbon Footprint


Facebook Reveals its Carbon Footprint

For the first time in its history, Facebook has revealed the carbon footprint, energy mix and energy use emissions of its data centers and global offices.

Key statistics:

  • Facebook’s total energy use from office space, data centers and other facilities was approximately 532 million kWh in2011.
  • The company's carbon footprint – from data centers, office space, employee commuting, employee air travel, data center construction and server transportation – totaled approximately 285,000 metric tonnes of CO2e.

  • The total annual carbon footprint per monthly active Facebook user is 269 grams. According to the company, this means that one person’s Facebook use for all of 2011 had roughly the same carbon footprint as three large bananas.

Facebook’s energy mix in 2011 was 23% clean and renewable, 27% coal, 17% natural gas, 13% nuclear and 20% uncategorized.