COP 22 meeting in Morocco: the negotiations of climate protection are about to continue


COP 22 meeting in Morocco: the negotiations of climate protection are about to continue

The attention of the environmentally conscious world was concentrated in Morocco from 7th to 18th November 2016, where the COP22/CMA1 took place. The first aim of the meeting was to create the details, deadlines and action plans in connection with the Treaty of Paris, because according to that, global warming should be „well below 2 degrees” in comparison with its extent before the industrialization. 

At the meeting, 197 countries took part. Creating the strategy is a longer process, so in the conference, instead of concrete steps, primarily the technical tasks and necessary documents were defined.

One of the most important and frequently contested question dealt with the financial aspects of implementing the action plans, as developing countries are not able to make the necessary steps without financial support. These steps are not only concern to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also include adaptation to the consequences of climate change and restoring the existing damages. There is no significant progress in connection with the support budget of 100 billion USD undertaken by the developed countries as it is still uncertain which countries, when and in what ratio will take part in it, and how the sum will be divided between the countries in need.

Most of the topics discussed at the Moroccan COP has not been completed, so further negotiations have been marked out in 2017.

Neither one country nor one person can affect these things. We can all see that climate changes are real. We need immediate action, and thanks to the last days’ reconciliations there will be a progress. - said Tina Johnson, the political director of the American Climate Action Network.