Our Mission and Vision

CSG work for a sustainable and healthy liveable future; and to help everyone come to the realisation that only through working together can we stop the deterioration of our Planet before it is too late.

Path to a liveable future

CSG‘s goal is to give guidance on how to achieve Sustainable Development and to point out that the exploitation of Nature and material gain do not go hand-in-hand. Spreading the word of a culture of Sustainable Development is in everyone’s common interest: because it is the only way towards a cleaner, greener and better future. CSG‘s mission is to introduce Sustainable Development and Carbon Neutrality into the lives of people worldwide.

Carbon Neutrality is a business asset

At CSG we recognise the importance of Environmental Awareness & Responsibility that brings measurable economic returns for a business enterprise.
We believe that real results will only be achieved if Environmentalism is treated as a market-based activity. Therefore, we have developed a unique business model — the success and popularity of which lies in the fact that it is capable of aligning both Economic; Social and Environmental interests.
We also believe that as our first-in-its-class business model becomes more and more widespread internationally, as a consequence; CSG‘s carbon emissions reduction management programme; will gain more acceptance as a common standard business practice globally.

Individual Decisions for a Common Future

CSG are convinced that each and every one of us will benefit from making low-carbon emissions and carbon-neutral lifestyles the best-practice global standard.
CSG’s intention is to involve and educate an ever-growing number of businesses and individuals in the benefits and opportunities of Sustainable Development.
CSG strive to make Environmental Awareness the preferred lifestyle for more and more people; whilst also making carbon management and Carbon Neutrality the best-practice for business.

Environmentalism without Borders

The CSG goal is to build an intercontinental social and business community of international importance that through cooperation and hard work is capable both of creating a positive international Environmental Change Programme: in the ratios of global energy production emitting harmful greenhouse gases and of energy production that utilises clean, green renewable resources.