About us

CSG is a worldwide professional Consulting and Project Management firm. CSG is the most innovative player in the international decarbonisation industry.

CSG has a unique role in the Environmental sector — CSG’s business model enables collaborative and strategic consultancy within the global business sector — to commit globally to sustainable and profitable low-carbon emissions business operations.

Environmental Awareness ensures sustainable profits

By exploiting the opportunities of the carbon market CSG has introduced a unique business model in the industry: that is able to provide efficient and superlative solutions to the global environmental challenges we face today.

The success of our business model lies in commercialising Environmental protection: we have devised strategic and sustainable business solutions that combine the mutual and interconnected interests of the Environment, individuals and business. In fact, the CSG Business Services Suite proves that Environmental Awareness is a strategic business asset.

Sustainability from London to Beijing

Since its establishment CSG has been expanding at a fast pace, as a result, the company has grown into an International Group operating in the UK; China; Hungary; and Romania. CSG Global Headquarters are in London (UK); Operational Management is based at the Budapest Office (Hungary); and Project Management is based in both CSG’s Beijing Office (China) and in Europe at its Bucharest Office (Romania).